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Here you can give us feedback, ask or comment and you may also provide us with new product ideas. We highly value your opinion.

If your feedback concerns Taffel, Panda, Kantolan, Anyday nuts, Nidar, Lay’s, Doritos, you’ll find the web form HERE.

If your feedback concerns Abba, Ahti, Anamma, Boy, Ekströms, Felix, Frödinge, FUN Light, Grandiosa, Jacky, Kallen, Naked, Oolannin, Pastella, Paulúns, Risifrutti, Taffel Uuni-Sipsit, Tiira, Tropicana, Vesta, you’ll find the web form HERE.


Sponsorship and donation requests

We focus now on supporting our existing cooperation partners, so unfortunately we do not handle new partnership applications for now.


Consumer service

Orkla Suomi
PL 683
20361 Turku

Phone: +358 (0)800 133 933 (weekdays 9-12)


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